SEO Reseller Services

SEO Reseller Services

Link Building Resellers is looking for additional business contacts to partner with us as SEO resellers or for SEO referrals. If you are in one of the following service categories, you may be a good fit as a Reseller or Referral Partner for our company:

  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Link Building
  • Online Marketing
  • PPC Management
  • Branding
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Hosting
  • Accounting
  • IT
  • Social Media

If your business does not fall into one of those categories, but you are interested in partnering with us anyway, go ahead and apply. This list is not intended to exclude anyone. It is only intended to give potential partners some idea as to whether or not their work might be a good fit for a partnership with Link Building Resellers.

What We Have to Offer

We are a trusted name in white-label SEO services. We currently hold the prized top slot on Google search results for the term “SEO Reseller” That detail by itself is evidence of our expertise. We garnered a top slot for our work. We can garner a high slot for other websites as well. But don’t just take our word for it. Go ahead and Google the term yourself. We’ll wait right here until you get back…

Back already?


We don’t do black hat SEO. Our work is ‘white label’ and safe. We deliver results you can trust that will not come back to bite you later. This is all above board.

Partnering with us can get you either a residual income from reselling our SEO service or a discount on the services you require for your own business. If you don’t want to invest the time into closing the sale or that isn’t your forte, no worries. You can send people to us and let us close the deal for you. You still get a cut.

If SEO services would enhance your business services, we offer private label, white hat SEO that you can include as part of your offerings. This lets you enhance what you bring to your clients without having to gain additional expertise in the fast-moving area of SEO. You just become a white label partner with us.

Because our rates are low, as the reseller, you can mark up the price by as much as two to four times what we charge, giving you a hefty margin. Your clients remain yours. We do not take them over. We just service them. You can think of us as your in-house SEO team, behind the scenes.

You get this process started by filling out our online application. Based on the particulars of the application, we will determine for which level of partnership you qualify. Even if you do not qualify for the higher level white label reseller partnership, you can still be listed as a reseller. Over time, you may yet qualify for this more prestigious level.

What do you get out of a Link Building Resellers White Label Reseller Partnership?

As a white label (also called private label), we operate essentially as your in-house SEO department. We provide the documentation, reports and communications. They get delivered to the client under your brand name.

For example, we can provide custom proposals with your branding attached. We can deliver keyword discovery and research reports. We can provide rankings information and essential analytics. Perhaps more importantly, we can help with SEO training and web consulting.

SEO and Marketing Referral Partnerships

When you partner with Link Building Resellers, we handle the SEO reseller services as well as the final closing. You do not need to understand SEO at all, nor do you need to know how to close an SEO sale. We take care of all of that. You just need to prime the pump and get the client names to us. You will be given a direct contact to whom you can send clients to complete the selling process.

Once the order is in hand, you get either a referral fee or a credit towards your own SEO services. Although reseller partners make more money, not everyone is cut out to work as a reseller. Those who wish to hand off the client can sign up for a referral partnership.

What Now?

If it sounds good and you are ready to sign up, you first need to fill out our reseller/referral qualification application. We will review your application in a timely fashion and get back to you with a decision concerning the partnership model we recommend. It will be one of the following options:

  • Qualified reseller partner
  • Qualified white label reseller partner
  • Qualified referral partner

If we come to terms, we will write up an agreement. Once the contract is hashed out with customized details and signed, it’s a go.

Still not sold? Here are the reasons you should be sold on Link Building Resellers:

  • We employ ethical white hat SEO techniques.
  • We specialize in Resellers and Referrals.
  • We have a proven track record.
  • We offer affordable terms.
  • We never stop testing.
  • We keep everything confidential.
  • We can be trusted to be available.

No Outsourcing

No outsourcing of our natural link building services, or cutting corners. All work is performed in-house by our team of SEO reseller professionals.

Worry-Free Contracts

Month-to-month contracts. If you’re paying for results and a company doesn’t deliver, why should you be forced to stick around?

Monthly Reports

We send white labeled monthly reports with rankings updates and noteworthy news.

Latest Strategies

We stay focused on action that works, follow all the latest algorithms and test frequently on our own sites.