SEO Link Building Tips for Startups

SEO Tips

Getting a startup business off the ground can be a big enough challenge without worrying about how you’re going to expand your customer base later on. Crafting all of your websites, marketing collateral, content marketing, and digital marketing strategies to work well within an SEO framework can absolutely facilitate your growth for years down the line.

Start with the Basics: Your Website

The first thing that you’ll want to overhaul is your website. Your company website is the single most important resource that a small business has for wrangling new customers and finding new business. A website is the avenue through which a small business makes connections with new clients and gets found on major search engines like Google.

Make sure that your business website has a domain name that incorporates the essence of your brand or your company name. This way customers and clients of yours won’t have to worry whether or not they’ve found the right place. Having an intuitive domain name also facilitates your search engine optimization campaigns, including local SEO link building.

Write Amazing Blog Content

When you write blog content, or have blog content written for you by a creative agency, make sure that you incorporate a fair amount of keywords. Coupled with great content that proves timely and engaging for your startup’s customers, intelligently chosen keywords can boost your rankings on Google. Page-one status is right around the corner!

Writing great blog content can also increase your exposure on social media. Just make sure to add links to your most recent blogs on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This can bring more customers to your business. You might even consider hiring a social media manager to facilitate this process further.

Mind Your Link Building

When you add links to your blogs or core website that refer to other successful businesses, you can effectively increase the exposure for your own website. Hiring a white-hat SEO link building service is a great way to develop ranking authority safely. This can have the beneficial effect of increasing your rankings on Google and getting your startup seen by more local customers.

As you go about building links for your SEO campaign make sure that the links refer to websites similar to your own. The better the reputation and higher the business success of the linked websites, the more exposure your startup can expect from association.

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