SEO Link Building Statistics 2017-2018

Link Building Statistics 2017
According to the Website, Earned Links, backlinks in Google search trends peaked in 2011,and 2017 is expected to have interest like it did in 2009 with Singapore, Pakistan, Philippines and India being among the top seven countries for guest posts. The USA has a great interest for link building, as well, growing 43% since 2005 and reaching its highest interest in the 2011-2012 fiscal year. The most popular SEO and link tool in the world is SEMRush, followed by SEO and Ahrefs. site states that a Backlinko report revealed that longer content usually ranks higher with the average first page result on Google containing 1890 words. This study also says that when using a single image within content, it will increase engine rankings. (Source Backlinko,2016). SEO is becoming very effective with 82% reporting effectiveness is on the rise and 42% of this group states that effectiveness is increasing substantially.

To understand why links are so important, states that in the pre-Google days of the Internet, search engines such as Yahoo! and Alta Vista were the dominant players in the field, ranking their search results entirely on the content on a webpage. Now, Google’s PageRank Algorithm not only analyzes the content on a page but also looked at how many people were linking to that particular page. This proved to be correct almost 20 years later, that links are still the best way to determine the quality of a Webpage.

Now, not only does Google look for only link quantity, but they also look at link quality with the help of Google Penguin, making it important to understand what a high quality link really is and how to build them.

The impact that link building is having on the industry includes helping businesses compete and gain new customers with a visible online presence and to grow traffic to your website, link building is imperative. Having someone in your company that is involved in online marketing efforts and developing link opportunities in today’s world is of the utmost important, according to

Gaining more knowledge link building for your company will be help your business thrive.

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